My name is Megan and I am addicted to reading. Seriously. Ask anyone who knows me in real life. My parents, while they supported my reading habit, got sick of me taking a book everywhere. I used to get in trouble in my high school honors English class for reading too much in class. And now, I will just say that my husband lovingly tolerates my habit by saying nothing (usually) about the library fine charges and Amazon charges that happen to show up on our account on a regular basis. We have a wonderful toddler named Brayden. I have loved introducing him to the magic of reading, even if it means reading the same board book ten times in a row.

My three favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. My favorite genres, and the ones I'm likely to focus on with reviews are young adult fiction and non-fiction. I have pretty diverse reading tastes, however, and will try almost anything.

And now to what you really want to know: where do I get the audacity to call myself a "library showgirl?" Well, I will tell you. To make a long story short, my bank gave me that title. Yes, my bank. My husband and I were closing on a real estate loan. Closing involves signing paper after paper after paper. We had basically stopped looking at what we were signing after the 20th form. For all I know, we were signing our lives away to the devil. As another paper got passed to me and I started signing, I noticed the line above my signature had my occupation listed as a "library showgirl." I burst out laughing, and everyone there- Adam, our realtor, and the man from the title company, all looked at me with a puzzled look. Once I showed everyone, we all had a good laugh and joked about "what really goes on at libraries" and how "there must be a secret room or basement." I still have no idea how that happened, but I am glad to take on the title.