Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Flops

Friday flops- This feature will be my spot to vent about the books I don't enjoy as much as the ones I choose to review. This will not be a weekly feature, thank goodness, because I enjoy most of what I read. These books aren't bad, necessarily, they are just books that didn't do it for me for whatever reason.

Fly On the Wall: How One Girl Saw Everything by E. Lockhart- I was so disappointed with this book. Why? Because I love Lockhart's other books. One of her books is one of my most favorite YA books. I'm definitely not a prude, but there was way too much emphasis on sex. Also, I listened to this on my iPod, and I don't think they picked the right narrator to play a Japanese-American teen who turns into a fly.

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff- The book club I am in chose to read this after two of us went to the Breathless Reads event. We discussed it today, and we all agreed it was so weird.

Whiter Shades of Pale by Christian Lander- I loved his first book, Stuff White People Like. This is more of the same, so I should like it right? Well, I'm only halfway through, but I feel like it's too repetitive. I still feel like the first one is hilarious, but this one is just okay.

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