Friday, May 6, 2011

I Don't Want To Kill You be Dan Wells

I finally finished this trilogy! As a whole, I would give the trilogy eight stars out of ten. I Don't Want To Kill You was a little too repetitive at times, especially with the morgue scenes. I loved the wrap-up though. The ending was sad and amazing at the same time.

I also felt like John's growth was more evident. Minor spoiler alert if you haven't read the second book: At the end of the second book, he seeks out other demons. It isn't just them finding him anymore. I didn't like that. It seemed like it was more to satisfy his serial killer nature than to rid his town of demons. I was wrong. He spends so much time in this book trying to solve the mystery of who this latest demon is that he isn't obsessed with his rules. He's able to move past them, actually. He's able to make an honest, personal connection to his mother and to a girl.

I still wouldn't recommend this series to everyone, but to people who like mysteries or who like Dexter, I definitely would.


  1. I'm not actually sure how well I fit into either of those groups (don't particularly love mysteries and no idea about Dexter), but I think this looks really interesting, so I might have to give it a try!

  2. Miri, I'm not into mysteries either... that's the crazy thing! I want to give the show Dexter a try, but I haven't yet. I definitely think these books are better written than the Dexter books. It's one of the ones I wouldn't have picked up without a recommendation by someone.

    I guess I should have also added the recommendation for people who are open to new reading experiences that either sound weird at first or definitely are not your normal read. I haven't read a book shelved in the mystery section at the library for years probably, but this is more than a mystery and I'm gladd a friend recommended it to me.

  3. This book is up next for me! I'm a little anxious!