Monday, May 9, 2011

Top Ten Jerks In Literature

This week's Top Ten meme from The Broke and the Bookish asks us to name our top ten list for jerks in literature.

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice- He's definitely in the "just acted like one but could be quite loveable" category.

Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye- I know some people liked him and related to him, but I was not one of those people. He annoyed me to no end and I thought he was a jerk.

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl- I'm almost ashamed to add him to the list, but yes, I have read a few of the books and I watched the first two seasons of the show. I stopped when him and Blair broke up. If they get back together, let me know. They are both brats and are perfect for each other.

Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter- Of course, he had to be on this list. I'm sure he'll be on most peoples' list.

Nils Bjurman from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- Horrible, horrible man that abuses any power he gets.

George Wickham from Pride and Prejudice- Boy who can accept no responsibility masquerading as a man.

Benedict Fludd and Herbert Methley from The Children's Book- Not many people have read this book so I won't give their sins away, but these two men are messed up.


  1. Totally agreed about Holden Caulfield. Do you feel like we're the only people in the world who didn't love that book? I do. :)

  2. Many good choices! I particularly like George and Draco. Mr. Darcy is an interesting pick...he certainly did act like a jerk for most of the book!

  3. I really don't see how people can like Holden Caulfield, or the entire book, really!! It was such a drag! Draco Malfoy has made most people's lists - but I've always thought he was more of a coward than a jerk!
    Nice list!
    Here's mine:

  4. I don't like Holden, but I feel for him. He's just a kid who needs a friend! :)

  5. Nils Bjurman is a nasty piece of work. I didn't see Dragon Tattoo while I was scanning my shelf or he would have been on my list as well.

    Read my list here.

  6. These are TOTAL jerks!

    How did I forget Nils?

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  7. I also put Holden Caufield and George Wickham on my list. JERKS! :o)