Friday, April 1, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond

5 out of 10: The Pioneer Woman has gathered a huge following, mostly due to her recipes. I've enjoyed a few of them myself. She's published a cookbook, and now the story of meeting and falling in love with her husband.

Warning: only pick up this book if you are in the mood for some cheese. Any other week, I would have put this book down. However, it ended up being a week I needed some fluff literature. I started writing for my new job, subbed at my other job twice, and dealt with kitchen renovations. I therefore somewhat embarrassingly admit that I enjoyed the book for what it was.

Think of your standard romantic comedy. It was just like one- everything is almost perfect. There are just a few pretend obstacles thrown in the way and they will of course work them out by the end.

And her writing, well, it was sure interesting. I've now heard enough description of her Marlboro Man and his sexiness to last me a lifetime. If you think I'm lying about all the lusty talk, here's a quote from her blog post about the book: "The book contains such themes as lust, upheaval, disappointment, reevaluation, death, passion, divorce, agriculture, manure, despondency, and childbirth…not necessarily in that order."

Plus, she mentioned something to the tune of "my ovaries burst with joy" a few too many times.

If you love romance, you will love this book. It did help me escape from a stressful week, so I shouldn't put it down too much. It was my chick flick for the week.

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