Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Links- Breathless Edition

I may have become obsessed with a group of five authors yesterday. I've already read and enjoyed two of the authors (Ally Condie and Kirsten Miller), but now I'm psyched to read the others as well. They were so down to earth, funny, and inspirational. Here are their websites, starting from the left in the picture:

Ally Condie- She was so nice. When she signed my book and noticed Brayden, she took the time to tell me how amazing boys are (she has three of her own). She has written a lot of LDS YA fiction, but has scored a national deal with her book Matched.

Beth Revis- I have to say that she was my favorite out of the group. I don't even know why, although I did find one of her answers extremely funny. All of the authors were asked about how they find names, and she told us that she uses former students' names sometimes and that she kills off the annoying ones! I love that. I think her book, Across the Universe, sounds really interesting as it is a murder mystery set in space.

Andrea Cremer- All of the authors were asked about how it felt to be on the New York Times Bestseller list. Andrea gave what I felt was an amazing response, and applicable to other things too (like being a mom). She said that some days she feels like a goddess, and the day she found out she was on the list was one of them. And then she said that there are plenty of other days where she feels like she isn't good at anything. I think that's true for everyone, especially women. She wrote Nightshade, the first book in a trilogy "that is not about werewolves."

Kirsten Miller- I haven't posted the review yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City. she is part of the tour for her other trilogy, The Eternal Ones, which I also liked. I think it's amazing that she has two trilogies she is working on at the same time!

Brenna Yovanoff- I liked her take on the typical question of "was it easy to get published?" She answered that it's easy if it's the right book written at the right time. My book club is reading The Replacement for March, and I'm so excited.

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  1. I didn't care for The Eternal Ones at all, but I loved Nightshade.